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Filing for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Michigan

Are your monthly bills too high for you to pay them? Do you need legal advice regarding filing for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Michigan? Attorney John Steinberger is a Board Certified Bankruptcy attorney, meaning he has taken steps to be recognized nationally as a Michigan bankruptcy specialist.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a financial reorganization plan that helps you repay your debts. Your payments under Chapter 13 go to a Bankruptcy Trustee, a court-appointed official who will administer your bankruptcy estate.

Steps for Filing for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Michigan:

  1. The first step is to determine if a Michigan Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is the appropriate type of bankruptcy for you. Our law firm will review your financial information and determine if a Chapter 13 Bankrupcty, if any, is best for you. For more information, please read our overview of Michigan Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.
  2. After you have retained our Michigan bankruptcy law firm, we will prepare your Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition. To do so, we will need all of your financial information, including a list of all debts owed, even if the payments are current.
  3. If you have not been paying your utility bills or bills for any monthly services, these need to be included on the petition. Be aware that you may have to pay a deposit equal to 1 ½ times the highest monthly bill. You must also pay your future utility bills yourself. If your utility bills are current, it is not necessary to list them.
  4. Upon retaining our office, you are usually given a date to return and sign your petition. This date is for control purposes. You should contact our office before that date and verify that your petition is prepared and schedule and appointment to review and sign your petition.
  5. At the appointment to sign your petition, the attorney will prepare your repayment plan. Your assistance is required to determine the payments which will be made over a period of 3 to 5 years depending upon your income and expenses.
  6. Your case will be filed shortly after you sign your petition. At the signing you will also be advised to start making payments to the Bankruptcy Trustee immediately. Your case could be assigned to any one of three Michigan Bankruptcy Trustees. You must contact our office within a few days after you sign, so that we can advise you of your case number and Bankruptcy Trustee so that you know the proper place to send your payments.

Most cases are dismissed because of the debtor's failure to start promptly making payments to the Bankruptcy Trustee. Although most cases have wage assignments, these do not take affect immediately. Do not wait for the wage assignment to take effect to start making your payments to the Bankruptcy Trustee. You should keep a record of all your payments.

Bankruptcy is a complex process. Our Detroit-area bankruptcy lawyers have handled thousands of Michigan bankruptcy cases and have a thorough understanding of Michigan bankruptcy laws and processes. If you retain our law firm, you can contact us at any time regarding any aspect of your bankruptcy. We are here to serve you and help you recover from your financial difficulties.

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