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Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney John Steinberger can help you get a fresh start! If you live in Melvindale, MI, and need a downriver Bankruptcy attorney, call our office today at (866) 690-2140. Our services include:

Our Melvindale, MI bankruptcy attorneys have helped thousands of clients get a fresh start. Learn more about how we help by viewing our representative cases.

We helped an Oak Park, MI client: Our Michigan Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorneys filed for a client who resides in Oak Park, MI . Client owed the IRS approximately $16000 for the years 2007. We expect to discharge the debt. Client had approximately $50,000 in income and passed the means test because of deductions used for medical and car expenses. Client had another $16,000 in unsecured debt to discharge.

Our clients are satisified with the work we do. View our testimonials.

"I appreciate all of the help Mr. Steinberger provided. I was losing my house and he helped me save it."

- W.F., Taylor MI

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I have used Attorney Steinberger in the past and his professionalism brought me back to his office to be serviced again. He takes time to explain the daunting material an unlearned person can’t unde… Read More
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