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burst_free_consultationBankruptcy often has a negative connotation, but this is in large part because of misconceptions that have escalated over time. Declaring bankruptcy in Michigan simply gives you a chance to eliminate debts and repay creditors under the protection of certain stipulations set in federal bankruptcy court.

Declaring bankruptcy takes more than just a sporadic decision to relinquish your assets because of financial strain. Instead, the process often requires proper planning, evaluation and well-informed legal consultations.

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The Michigan bankruptcy attorneys and dedicated staff at John A. Steinberger & Associates, P.C. have literally helped thousands of individuals and families struggling with financial burdens get a fresh start. Our Michigan bankruptcy attorneys have the knowledge, background and professional networks to offer the most up-to-date and accurate advice on both Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Founded in 1981, our firm's mission is to provide high quality legal services at an affordable price for people suffering financial hardship. We strive to help people hold on to their property while either eliminating or reducing their debt. Please contact our firm if you are in need of experienced, professional and compassionate Michigan bankruptcy attorney.

Our Michigan bankruptcy attorneys can help you save your house, lower your monthly payments to creditors and get you back on your feet. For more information on a Michigan bankruptcy, please see the following:

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