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Who decides the amount of my Chapter 13 plan payment?


You will sit down with your Michigan bankruptcy attorney and prepare a repayment plan which includes the proposed payments. This plan is sent to the bankruptcy court when your bankruptcy is filed. The Trustee and the Court review your plan to make sure that you are meeting all the requirements of filing a Chapter 13 plan in Michigan. The Trustee and/or the Court may request proof of your income and expenses and there may be some negotiating to determine your final payment amount that will ultimately be confirmed by the Bankruptcy Court.

The amount of your Chapter 13 payment depends on many factors. Most essentially the law requires that you commit all your disposable income to the payment plan. In plain English this means that you are required to provide the court with a breakdown of your income and your monthly expenses that are both reasonable and necessary. The income that you have left over after deducting your expenses from your net income is the disposal income that is committed to the plan. However there are many other factors that may affect the amount of your plan payments. You may have minimum payment requirements in order to cover priority or secured payments that must be paid in full in the bankruptcy.

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