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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Timeline

Outline for client Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

The purpose of the outline is to advise the client on what to expect in preparing and filing the case.

  1. The first step in filing the case is to pay the fee to the office and provide all of the information required. An important point is providing all of the client’s income for the 6 month period prior to filing the petition.
  2. After you have paid the fee and provided all of the information, it will be necessary for you to obtain the Credit counseling course with Greenpath. The credit counseling is done on the phone.
  3. Once all of the information is provided your petition should be prepared promptly. If you do not hear from the legal assistant within 10 days in regard to signing the petition you should call and ask when an appointment to sign the petition.
  4. At the appointment, you will be provided with the petition to review and sign. The attorney will then review the petition with you to make sure it is correct and then file the case.
  5. The attorney will then file your case electronically and obtain a case number for you within 1 week.
  6. You will then need to call the office and obtain your case number so that you can perform the Educational course with Greenpath. This should be done prior to your going to court. You should call our office after you have done the educational section with Greenpath so that we can file the certificate with the court.
  7. After your case is filed you will receive a notice from the court for a hearing. This hearing is usually within 30 days after you signed your petition. Your creditors also will have received this notice and stop trying to call you.
  8. At the hearing you will need your picture ID and social security card. The hearing lasts approximately 10 minutes during which time the Trustee will ask you various questions regarding the information contained in the petition.
  9. If you are reaffirming a debt such as a vehicle or mortgage, you will receive documents to sign which must be promptly returned to the office so they can be filed with the court. Reaffirmations cannot be filed after the case is closed. It is this offices policy not to sign reaffirmations for mortgages.
  10. Approximately 60 days after your hearing in court you will receive a notice of Discharge. This concludes your case.

Article provided by Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney John Steinberger.

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