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John A. Steinberger & Associates, P.C. is a full-service Michigan bankruptcy law firm providing legal assistance to individuals and families in Southeast MI, including Metro Detroit, Southfield and the surrounding communities. As a Michigan Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorney, John Steinberger has the legal knowledge, experience and resources to help you, just as he and his legal team have helped thousands of clients.

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"For most people the decision to file bankruptcy in Michigan is extremely difficult. First, there is the fear of the unknown. Some people fear that their credit will be destroyed forever. Others fear that they will lose their property. Yet others fear the humiliation that their friends or neighbors will find out. Some fear that they will be harassed by their creditors at court..." (Read Blog)

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"I found John A. Steinberger & Associates to be very helpful. The staff was friendly. I had serious financial problems which they were able to solve."
- T.V., Detroit, MI

"Mr. Steinberger was a wonderful and patient attorney. He took time in preparing my case properly so that it would be successful. I would recommend him highly to my family and friends."
- T.G., Southgate, MI

"I am glad that I found Mr. Steinberger. He provided me with sound advice and great service at an affordable fee."
- V.M., Westland, MI