Can I amend my bankruptcy filing at any time?

YES. The documents you file with the bankruptcy court, including the petitions, schedules, Statement of Financial Affairs, etc. are signed by you under oath. Meaning you affirm, by signing your bankruptcy paperwork, that everything in them is true and accurate. Therefore is important you review all your bankruptcy paperwork and make sure you have properly disclosed your financial situation. However if you realize you forgot to list an asset or debt, misrepresented something, or your situation has changed you have an obligation to amend your bankruptcy paperwork. The federal rules indicate that you can amend your bankruptcy petitions, and schedules at any time while your bankruptcy is still open. Therefore you can and have an obligation to make corrections or amendments once you realize your original bankruptcy filings are inaccurate. However the Court can deny amendments if it is found you acted in bad faith by trying to conceal an asset or hide information from the Trustee or the Court. That is why it is very important that you make every effort to ensure your original filings are accurate. You should seek the advice of the experienced bankruptcy attorneys at John A. Steinberger & Associates before you file bankruptcy.

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